Sublingual Vitamin B12

Most people now realise that Vitamin B12 is crucial for proper functioning of the body. Vitamin B12 deficiency usually has mild or no symptoms in the early stages, but as the deficiency progress the symptoms can get very serious.

In the most extreme cases, people can get pernicious anemia and irreversible neurological damage. It is therefore in everyone’s interests to ensure that they get an adequate supply of B12. B12 is relatively cheap, so there is no point risking your health for the sake of saving a few cents. But what’s the best type of B12 to take – tablets you swallow, patches, or Sublingual Vitamin B12? 

Vitamin B12 in Tablet Form 

Many people take B12 in tablet form, what they don’t realise is that they may still be deficient. This is because the B12 tablets are less readily absorbed than sublingual b12. For a B12 tablet to be absorbed, two things need to be present. The first is enough stomach acid, and this is where the problem lies for many people. As we get older, we tend to produce less stomach acid, so the elderly need to be especially careful. The second things we need is intrinsic factor. This is something that is also produced by the body and also something that can decline with age. So, once again, the elderly are more at risk. Also people with gastric problems or those that have had gastric bypass surgery will be particularly at risk.

Many people don’t like swallowing tablets and some have difficulty doing so. If you are one of these, then a B12 tablet won’t be suitable for you. 

You should also be aware of the fact that cheaper tablets may not break down properly in the body, so you may not be getting any of the B12 you think you are getting.

B12 Patches

These are great for many people, but the main complaint is that they are very expensive. Typically you would put the patch behind your ear and leave there for 24 hours. The B12 is then absorbed directly through the skin and into the bloodstream. Leaving on overnight might affect your sleep though, so some people like to take the patch off before going to bed.

Sublingual Vitamin B12

So that leaves B12 in sublingual tablet form. Many doctors now prefer this method, as absorption takes place more quickly and more reliably. Sublingual B12 is placed under the tongue. The whole dose is absorbed, so there isn’t any wastage. So even though sublingual vitamin b12 can be more expensive, you are getting more for your money. Because the B12 is absorbed directly under the tongue, then there is no need for any stomach acid. The speed of absorption also means that you should feel the benefits right away, usually by a boost of energy. But what people like about it most of all is that it is so quick and easy to take.

Possible Side-Effects of Vitamin B12

It should be noted that B12 side-effects are very rare indeed. However, as with all things, it’s possible to have some problems.

Tablet B12

As with all tablets that are swallowed, one side-effect could be an upset stomach, especially if taken on an empty stomach. Many tablets are bound with other ingredients and there is a possibility that you could be allergic to one of these substances.

Sublingual B12

An allergic reaction is possible, as other ingredients may be included along with the B12. You may also get some irritation under the tongue. These reactions are extremely rare though.

How to get the recommended daily dose of Vitamin B12

For most people, the way they get their B12 is through their diet. As B12 is mostly found in meat products, this method isn’t good for vegetarians or vegans. As with swallowing a tablet, mentioned above, you are still likely to have absorption problems if you are elderly or if you have gastric problems.

For people who already have severe B12 deficiency, the doctor may give them B12 injections. This is a very reliable way to get your B12, but many people don’t like needles and it’s not a convenient way to get it for the vast majority of people.

For most people who take B12 supplements, it’s the swallowed tablet form they opt for. But this isn’t ideal, for the reasons given above.

B12 patches are popular these days but can be too expensive for many people. But they are quite convenient and quite efficient in delivering the B12 dose.

But Sublingual Vitamin B12 is the method that is gaining in popularity, as more people realise how convenient and cost-effective it is. It gets straight into your bloodstream and inexpensive. It also has the following benefits.

1. Faster Absorption
When you place B12 sublingual tablets under your tongue, it is absorbed very quickly by the numerous blood vessels in that part of the mouth. Numerous studies have shown that this method has as high as 100% absorption, compared to under 2% for some tablets that are swallowed.

2. Higher Nutritional Value
Because it’s absorbed directly into the blood stream you get a larger dose of B12. The dose can be over 50 times higher than taking the tablet form. This depends on how well the tablet form is absorbed in the stomach, but many tests have shown that they are badly absorbed by the body.

3. Instant Effect
B12 is often called the energy vitamin. This is due to the fact the B12 is necessary for the body to produce the energy you need throughout the day. With the sublingual form of B12 you can feel your energy levels rise almost instantly. This doesn’t happen with other forms of B12, except with b12 injections.

4. Great for Insomnia
Many people find that their sleep is much improved once they start taking B12. This is because one of the symptoms of B12 deficiency is insomnia.

5. It’s Affordable
When you take into account how much B12 is absorbed using the sublingual form compared to using the swallowed form, it is easy to see that sublingual vitamin b12 is very affordable indeed.

It’s impossible to be completely healthy without adequate amounts of Vitamin B12. It is used in many bodily functions, such as the manufacture of red blood cells, energy production and promoting a strong and healthy central nervous system. If you don’t currently take a B12 supplement it may be worth considering Sublingual Vitamin B12. We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised at the results.