What Is Lte B2, B4, B5, B17, B12?

What is LTE B2?

4G LTE B2 (FD 1900)

Band 2 is an LTE operating frequency Band. LTE is designed to work across a number of frequency bands – E-UTRA operating bands- currently ranging from 450 MHz up to 3.8GHz. Availability of specific bands varies per country and operator.

What is LTE B4?

Overview. The 3GPP B4 (1700 MHz) LTE band is the fifth most popular band used by public mobile operators for LTE network deployments, and is typically deployed due to the quick refarming of existing AWS spectrum held by operators.

Which LTE band is the fastest?

4G LTE offers fast download speeds, up to 50% faster speeds than 3G.


  • Band 2 (1900 MHz)
  • Band 5 (850 MHz)
  • Band 4 (1700/2100 MHz)
  • Band 66 (Extension of band 4 on 1700/2100 MHz).

What LTE bands are used in USA?

Cheat sheet: which 4G LTE bands do AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint use in the USA?

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Carrier 4G LTE bands Main frequencies
Verizon Wireless 2, 4, 5, 13, 46, 48, 66 1900, 1700 f, 700 c
T-Mobile 2, 4, 5, 12, 66, 71 1900, 1700 def, 700 a, 600
Sprint 25, 26, 41 2500, 1900 g, 850
Europe 3, 7, 20 1800, 2600, 800

What frequency does LTE use?

LTE frequencies exist in a spectrum from frequencies as low as 700 MHz right up to high frequencies of 2600 MHz.

How can I tell what band My phone is using?


into the area you normally use to input a phone number and press call. You will enter Field Test mode. You should see the Freq Band Indicator or EARFCN or UARFCN number. The Freq Band Indicator is easy!

What happens if I turn off VoLTE?

If your carrier supports VoLTE

Off: Turns off LTE. Voice & Data: Allows voice calls and cellular-data use over LTE. Data Only: Allows cellular-data use, but not voice calls over LTE.

Why does my phone say LTE instead of 4G?

So the reason your phone says LTE is because you are in an area that has the fastest internet speeds. When you are in an area in which your phone says4g” it’s because you are using a cell phone tower that has the slower, HSPA, internet speed.

Why is my Airtel SIM showing 4G but not VoLTE?

Airtel might not have registered your number for Volte. Even though if you enable Volte in phone’s setting, it may not work as in the case of mine. I had asked them via twitter and within two days, I got Volte automatically. To check IMS service state, dial *#*#4636#*#* and select ‘IMS service state’ from menu.

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How long will LTE last?

The answer is that there will be a long period of time when 4G and 5G will co-exist. LTE, which stands for Long Term Evolution, will be around for at least 10 years, so 5G will not make LTE obsolete any time soon.

Which phone has the most LTE bands?

Most lower and middle end phone only support 3/4 LTE bands. High end phones, like the iPhone, or flagships from Samsung and LG also support a lot of bands. Samsung S7: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 18, 19, 20, 29, 30 and the S8 has 22/24 of them.

Which is best 4G or LTE?

In laymans terms, the difference between 4G and LTE is that 4G is faster than LTE. Older LTE mobile devices launched right prior to 4G deployment cannot provide 4G speeds because they aren’t built to handle it. In 2020, all cellular carriers should now offer 4G service, if not offering 5G already.

What frequency is 5G in USA?

5G Ultra Wideband, Verizon’s millimeter wavelength (mmWave)-based 5G, operates at frequencies of about 28 GHz and 39GHz. This is considerably higher than 4G networks, which use about 700 MHz-2500 MHz frequency to transfer information.

What band is AT&T 5G?

The average 5G speed of AT&T is currently 59.3Mbps.


Band Frequency Band Type
n5 850MHz Low-band

What frequencies do cell phones use in USA?

Cell frequencies by provider

Provider 3G Frequency 4G Frequency
AT&T GSM/UMTS/HSPA+ 1900 MHz, 850 MHz 1900, 1700/2100, 850, 700 2300
Sprint CDMA 1900 MHz, 800 MHz 1900, 850, 2500
T-Mobile GSM/UMTS/HSPA+ 1900 MHz, 1700/2100 MHz 1900, 1700/2100 700, 600
Verizon CDMA 850 MHz, 1900 MHz 1900, 1700/2100, 850, 700

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