Sublingual B12

The Benefits of Subligual B12

Vitamin B12 supplements are something that more and more people are begining to realise the benefits of. But what not everyone realises is that one of the best forms is sublingual B12.

There are other popular ways to get the B12 that your body needs and these include:

  • The number one way is obviously to get B12 from your diet, but B12 is mainly found in meat, so this isn’t suitable for many. These include vegetarians, vegans, the elderly, people with gastric problems and those that want to cut down on meat in order to live a healthier life.
  • For those taking B12 supplements, the swallowing is definitely the most popular way to take it. Swallowing your B12 has many disadvantages though. Many people have trouble swallowing, while others just don’t have enough stomach acid to release and absorb the B12. Some B12 supplements are so poorly made that you may not be getting any B12 by swallowing them.
  • If you have already been diagnosed with a B12 deficiency, then your doctor may be giving you B12 injections. These are very reliable and very efficient, although they are also inconvenient.
  • B12 in patch form is a fairly new and novel way of getting your daily dose of B12. But it is very expensive when compared to other methods. But it does suit some people.
  • For many, taking sublingual b12 is the easiest and most efficient method. Here are the main benefits.

1. Faster Absorption
Sublingual B12 comes as either a small pill that is placed under the tongue, or as drops. Because it’s placed under the tongue, where there are numerous blood vessels, it is absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly. Many claim to feel an instant burst of energy when they take B12 this way.

2. Better Absorption
As well as being absorbed quickly, sublingual B12 is also absorbed more efficiently. This means that you get close to 100% absorption. This compares to less than 2% when B12 is swallowed, although that figure can vary, depending on a number of circumstances. This is mainly due to the fact that swallowing B12 is difficult to break down in the stomach.

3. Almost Instant Effect
When taking sublingual B12, you will get an almost instant effect, due to the faster and more efficient absorption. This will happen is minutes, compared to hours when in the stomach. It’s a great way to get a quick energy boost.

4. Improves Appetite
One of the symptoms of B12 deficiency is loss of appetite. So it is no surprise that taking sublingual B12 is a quick and easy way to get your appetite back to normal.

5. Improves Sleep
Another symptom of B12 deficiency is disturbed sleep and insomnia. Sublingual B12 can therefore be a very quick fix if your insomnia is caused by insufficient B12. Improving your sleep will also improve your energy levels and lead to a happier, healthier life.

6. It’s Affordable
Sublingual B12 is relatively inexpensive. Swallowed tablets may appear cheaper, but when you take into account the fact that less than 2% of the B12 in tablet form is absorbed in the stomach, then sublingual B12 will seem to be the obvious choice.

It can’t be stressed enough that Vitamin B12 is critical for good health and well-being. B12 is needed to manufacture sufficient red blood cells, a lack of which can lead to many serious conditions. Chronic B12 deficiency can lead to irreversible nerve damage and even death, in extreme cases. So be sure to take a daily dose of sublingual B12. Putting your health at risk just to save a few cents isn’t a sensible option.