Vitamin B12 Benefits

What are the benefits you will get from taking B12?

We all need adequate amounts of vitamin B12 in order to enjoy good health. Without this important nutrient, your body will not be able to function in its full capacity. Vitamin B12 is one of the eight water soluble B vitamins.

It was discovered in the 1940s as a cure to harmful anemia. It helps other B vitamins in converting carbohydrates into glucose – important for energy. You know if your supply of this important nutrient is insufficient if you are suffering from general weakness and fatigue. There are other vitamin B12 benefits aside from increasing our energy and maintaining our health. It is also helpful in the smooth operation of vital processes in our system.

Sources of Vitamin B12
Your daily consumption of this vitamin must be adequate. You can get sufficient amounts of vitamin B12 by eating meat products, especially fish and marine animals. Some food products that can give you vitamin B12 benefits are the following:
• Fish, sardines, oysters, clams
• Eggs (especially organic eggs)
• Yogurt
• Beef liver
• Milk
• Molasses (black strap)
• Nuts, pecans, brazil, walnut, almond

People Who Are Prone To Vitamin B12 Deficiency
Those who are eating strict vegetarian diets are in danger of vitamin B12 deficiency. Heavy drinkers and smokers, as well as pregnant and breast-feeding women are also susceptible to this condition. It is not just the lack of vitamins in a vegan diet but there are plants that have inhibitor molecules which prevent your body to release the vitamins. You will not be able to use the nutrients if they are not released. In this regard, it is very important for vegans, etc. to supplement their diet with B vitamins.

Dangers of Vitamin B12 Deficiency
If your diet is vitamin B12 deficient, you may suffer from a number of illnesses. These may include loss of appetite, weight loss, constipation, depression, lack of mental focus, loss of memory, impaired vision, asthma, low sperm count, nerve problems, etc. You may feel one or a combination of these things at the early stage. But if you will not correct the situation, your conditions may take a turn for the worse. Some have experienced permanent nerve damage after persistent vitamin B12 deficiency.

Vitamin B12 Benefits
Making sure that you have the right daily intake of vitamin B12 will allow you to enjoy many health benefits. Here is a list of the advantages of an adequate intake of vitamin B12:
• Increase in energy – it will help you combat fatigue
• Efficient Functioning of your body  – vitamin B12 helps to regulate the formulation of red blood cells, which is important in the regulation of metabolism and maintenance of your central nervous system.
• Prevent Depression – vitamin B12 works in tandem with the compound that produce serotonin thereby reducing depression. This is especially true for the elderly where serotonin production is generally low.
• Improves Health Condition – with the right intake of vitamin B12, health conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, asthma, tendonitis, sleep disorders, memory loss and allergies are improved.
• Controls the levels of Homocysteine – with adequate intake of vitamin B12, homocysteine levels which increases heart strokes, heart disease, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s will be controlled.
• Sperm Count Increase – studies have shown that when men with low sperm count took of adequate amounts of vitamin B12, their sperm counts increased.
• Prevents Cataracts – adequate supply of vitamin B12 also showed improvements in normal vision and prevents cataracts from getting worse. Vitamin B12 protects the eye lens decreasing the onset of cataract.

Some Considerations
There are certain people who have difficulty in absorbing vitamin B12. This is basically known as lack of intrinsic factor or intrinsic factor deficiency. It is mostly prevalent in those who are advanced in age. For these people who basically lack HCL, they should get their supply of vitamin B12 by the sublingual administration – meaning they should take vitamin B12 under their tongue. Another method is through vitamin B12 injections. They are more expensive but health is much more important. Injection is more painful than the sublingual method and should only be resorted to if the other method is not available.

The Good News
You cannot overdose on vitamin B12 therefore you don’t need to worry about taking it in excess. But being cost-effective means you should not take more than you should. Any excess amounts that you take will only be processed by your kidneys and passed on through your urine.

You can only take advantage of the vitamin B12 benefits if you are aware of where you can get them. They are available in many natural foods and in many supplement forms. Their prices are very affordable so there is no reason why you should suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency at any point in your life. The availability of various forms of vitamin supplements has steadily increased so you can get them where ever you are.