What Makes Sublingual B12 So Special?

More people are becoming aware of their need to improve their health. Those who feel weak, lethargic and easily get tired know that they could be lacking essential nutrients that their body needs.

Therefore they resort to the most convenient way they know of: taking vitamin supplements. This includes vitamin B12 since this is one of the important elements that will solve their need for energy. Although this is a commendable step, many are not aware that most of these nutritional elements gets lost inside the body and is thrown to waste because of the way they were taken in.

You see, when you swallow a vitamin tablet, before the nutrient goes to your system, or your organs that needs it, it first goes to your digestive tract. What is unfortunate is that some substances can be destroyed as they are processed in your stomach, small intestine or in your liver. The digestive process changes the efficiency and reduces the nutrient’s original potency. Some even say that what’s going to be absorbed by your system will only be about 2 to 5% of its original content. Additionally, if you have gastric problems and don’t have enough stomach acid, your system won’t be able to absorb the nutrients. Some nutritional experts even say that Vitamin B12 deficiency is caused by non-absorption in the intestinal tract rather than a lack of vitamins in the diet.

With sublingual vitamin B12, you can absorb close to 100% of the nutrients that your body needs. Taking the vitamin sublingually means putting it under your tongue and from there the substance will gain entry into your system faster. It allows the nutrients to bypass your digestive system facilitating its use by the intended organs. In a matter of minutes, Vitamin B12 is carried into your bloodstream and you can feel the boost in energy right away.

This is made possible because the skin under your tongue is the thinnest among your mouth tissues. Your oral tissues have different thicknesses which varies their abilities to transmit fluid. The thinner the tissue, the higher and faster is its capacity to absorb liquids. The mucosal membranes lining the floor of your mouth are the thinnest therefore they have the fastest rate of liquid absorption of all parts of your body.

In this context, we can say the sublingual vitamin B12 is special because of the following reasons:

• It bypasses the digestive system, and as such, the nutrients are not destroyed, and most of them are absorbed by your body.
• Since it bypasses the digestive system, the nutrients are delivered directly to the bloodstream where they can quickly supply their substances to the organs that need them.
• It is a most convenient way of taking vitamin B12 especially for those who have a problem in swallowing. There are other ways of taking it – by injection (which is less convenient) and by patch (which is more expensive).

This supplement is now available not just in liquid form (bottles) but also in pills, lozenges and lollipops. All you have to do is place them under your tongue and let them dissolve naturally. Many people are now finding it the best way to take vitamin B12. Sublingual vitamin B12 is really special because it is guaranteed that you will absorb 100% of the nutrients, it is very affordable and there is no tablet to swallow.